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1 Oct 2009 | Ethics , | Marketing | National Publication | News story | 7 comments
In a September 29, 2009 article, Forbes reports that "dozens of charities, including some with brand names, have been soliciting gift annuities over the Web citing unlikely high yields and an endorsement from a fake person who is quoted as saying she is...
10 Jun 2009 | Demographics | National Publication | News story | 3 comments
Charitable giving fell last year by the largest percentage in five decades, according to a new study by the Giving USA Foundation and as reported by The New York Times.
4 Mar 2009 | Demographics | National Publication | News story | 3 comments
According to a report by MSNBC, the recession could be changing the giving habits of America's wealthiest donors. Gifts from seven of the 10 biggest donors in 2008 were made from estates, according to an annual ranking of America
4 Mar 2009 | Demographics | National Publication | News story
The number of gifts of $1 million or more given to charities by individuals fell 33 percent in the last six months of 2008 compared to the same period in 2007, according to records compiled by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
11 Dec 2008 | Marketing | National Publication | Article | 8 comments
The "Second Great Wave of Philanthropy" will transform wealth management and traditional giving.

The retirement of the Baby Boomers is shifting their priorities from accumulation to spending and charitable giving. But many wealth managers remain stubbornly focused on helping clients retain their wealth. In this article, Burlingame, California based wealth...

24 Jun 2008 | Demographics | National Publication | News story | 3 comments
Up 3.9 percent despite worries about gas prices, mortgage crisis and housing market
Charitable giving in the United States is estimated to be $306.39 billion in 2007, exceeding $300 billion for the first time in history, according to Giving USA 2008, the yearbook on philanthropy released today by Giving USA Foundation.
26 Jun 2007 | Demographics | National Publication | News story
U.S. charitable giving reached a new record in 2006, an estimated $295.02 billion, according to Giving USA 2007, the yearbook of philanthropy published by Giving USA Foundation (TM) and researched and written by the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University.
19 Jun 2006 | Demographics | National Publication | News story
The Giving USA Foundation and the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University have released their annual report on philanthropy, "Giving USA." According to the report, Americans gave total contributions of $260.28 billion for 2005, a 6.1 percent increase from 2004....
2 Jun 2006 | Practice | National Publication | Article | 1 comments

Two years ago, the PGDC published an article by Betsy Mangone in which she discussed how nonprofits can build effective working relationships with professional advisors. In this follow-up article, Betsy identifies three factors influencing the non-profit sector's...

13 Jun 2005 | Demographics | National Publication | News story | 1 comments
Tsunami gifts less than one-half of 1 percent of total
After two years of limited growth in charitable contributions, Americans picked up the pace in 2004, showing they are a generous bunch. They donated nearly $250 billion to various causes across the United States, an almost 5 percent increase over 2003. That's the key...
8 Jul 2004 | Demographics | National Publication | News story
The AAFRC Trust For Philanthropy, which is the educational and research initiative of the American Association of Fundraising Counsel, has released Giving USA 2004, its annual report on charitable giving by American individiuals, estates, foundations, and corporations...
If you have worked in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, you know they are quite different; each having its own culture, vernacular, and business practices. Many well-meaning advisors approach nonprofit and charitable organizations seeking to partner with them in...
8 Apr 2004 | Ethics | National Publication | News story | 3 comments
The Maryland Bar Association Committee on Ethics has released an opinion concluding an attorney who chairs a church's legacy committee and prepares wills on a pro bono basis for parishioners who bequeath property to the church would violate State professional conduct...
21 Oct 2003 | Practice | National Publication | Article
It's been said there are two things you don't discuss in polite company: religion and the new address of the Cubs fan who tipped the foul ball during game six of the Cubs/Marlins series. In this case, Florida attorneys Jason Havens and Thomas Wells share their thoughts...
A Review of Challenges and Questions
In February of 2000, the PGDC published a study by Paul G. Schervish and John J. Havens entitled, "Millionaires and the Millennium: New Estimates of the Forthcoming Wealth Transfer and the Prospects for a Golden Age of Philanthropy." The study predicted that over the...
20 Jun 2002 | Demographics | National Publication | News story
The AAFRC Trust for Philanthropy, in concert with the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, today released Giving USA, its annual report on philanthropy in America for the year 2001. American charities received $212 billion in 2001 amidst the conflicting...
3 Jun 2002 | Practice | National Publication | Article

Are you or any of your colleagues considering becoming more involved in charitable gift planning? In this article from The Journal of Practical Estate Planning, Chicago-based philanthropic advisor Betsy Brill discusses the value of advisors...

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